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 "Faccia" (face) + "es" (unconsciousness / instinct) = "Faccies" (the nature of appearance)

The suffix "es" in "Faccies" , psychologically, refers to instinctive desire and impulse on the unconscious level.

and thus, there are various "Faccia" and here refers to the image with clothing and the brand that can connect the impression from the suffix "es" with desire from instinct.


Faccia【顔/面】 + es【潜在意識/本質】 = Faccies【外見の本質】

【Faccies】の es とは心理学的に無意識の領域にある本能的な欲求,衝動の事。それぞれのFaccia【顔/面】

つまりここでは【服】の持つイメージや空気感を es 【本能的に欲求させる】物へと繋いでいくブランド